Calcium is a vital mineral for maintaining the structure and functions of bone. Apart from bone health, calcium also helps in many other organ’s functions such as Heart and Nerves. The daily calcium requirement of the body is not achieved through diet alone, which makes people prone to calcium deficiency.

One of the most common side effects of calcium is the risk of kidney stone formation as well as gastrointestinal complications. Calcium citrate is the only calcium, which does not have these side effects. It requires Vitamin D, which is equally important for the absorption of calcium.

Supracal is a complete product, which contains calcium citrate, vitamin D, magnesium and zinc. Supracal tablets are easy to swallow, and unlike other calcium supplements, it does not cause abdominal distension and flatulence, thus helps optimize patient compliance.

Disease profile

Calcium, the most abundant mineral in our body, is needed for proper function of heart, muscles and nerves. A major percentage of calcium is found in bones, which acts as a reservoir of calcium for the body. Since vitamin D is needed for the body to absorb calcium, insufficiency of vitamin D can cause less availability of calcium in the body. This leads to extraction of calcium from the reservoir (bone) - which weakens the bone and cause bone loss.

Therefore, inadequate calcium significantly contributes to the development of a condition called, osteoporosis or bone loss. Osteoporosis is associated with low bone mass and high fracture rate.

Thus, combination of calcium and vitamin D is required to prevent or to treat conditions like osteoporosis and fractures.


  • Helps prevent and treat osteoporosis
  • Maintains calcium and vitamin D levels necessary during pregnancy and lactation
  • Reduce muscle cramps
  • Strengthens bone
  • Improve bone density


One to two tablets daily. (with or without food)

Each Supracal pack contains easy to swallow 30 tablets


Supracal does not cause digestive disorders such as bloating and constipation due to calcium citrate

It should be noted that calcium carbonate is contraindicated due to increased risk of oxalate in renal patients. However, supracal is not contraindicated due to citrate in renal patients and is completely safe.
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