Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body. Our bone and teeth contains the highest amount of calcium and only 1% of calcium is used by other organs of the body, which has an important role for their integral functions, like muscle contraction. As per recommended daily intake, the amount of calcium needed to take daily at
different age groups are -

Age-groups RDA Diet
1-yr old 500 mg/day 2 glasses of milk
4-8 yr old 800 mg/day 3 glasses of milk
9-18 yr old 1300 mg/day 4 glasses of milk

Most of the people rely on dairy and milk for their daily calcium requirements, but it remains deficient in most of the cases due to various reason. Supracal Sachet is a viable option, which helps meet the daily calcium requirement of the body.

Intake of calcium and vitamin D is easy with Supracal sachet.

Vitamin D also known as cholecalciferol, is one of the essential vitamin for better absorption and utilization of calcium in the body. Vitamin D helps to increase the absorption of phosphorus and calcium from the intestine, and reduce renal excretion of calcium and  phosphorus. It also helps in bone metabolism by translation of cellular genes that helps in growth.

The main source for receiving  vitamin D is Sunshine. Vitamin D is also present in cereals, fish, milk and eggs.

Vitamin D prevents the development of diseases such as rickets in children, osteomalacia in adults and osteoporosis in the elderly. It also helps in the growth and development of bones. The daily requirement of vitamin D is 10 micrograms per person or up to 2000 units per day. It's higher in childhood and aging

Disease Profile

Vitamin D deficiency

The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency, especially in Iranian women and children, is between 50% and 80%, respectively.

The lack of calcium and phosphorus in childhood causes a disease condition called Rickets. In rickets, during the course of bone growth, the bones mass will be less and the child will not be able to withstand the weight and body curvature. Other complications of rickets include variable size of the skull, button-like appendages on the spine and chest bumps. It also extends to the wrists and can be detected by radiography.

It is said that 70% of the bone structure of the body consists of this mineral that plays an important role in the health of the nervous  system as well as the growth of all cells in the body.

  • Common diseases due to lack of calcium include:
  • Decreased bone and teeth growth
  • Muscle aches
  • Reduce bone density
  • It should be noted that absorption of calcium in the absence of vitamin D is not possible. Supracal sachet contains the recommended amount of calcium and vitamin D required for the body.


  • Helps prevent and treat vitamin D and calcium deficiency
  • Grow and improve the formation of bones and teeth
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Helps reduce the risk of cancer (based on  researches , the risk of developing cancer in people with vitamin D deficiency is more than   normal people.)


Daily, or once in two days, a supracal powder can be placed directly into the mouth. Supracal has an oral absorption effect and is easy to use for children who are sensitive to dairy consumption. No other calcium supplement is required along with Supracal.


Constipation and digestive problems have been observed in some cases. It is recommended that you take the product after food if you have digestive problems

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